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At Memorial Veterinary Hospital we are dedicated to health and happiness of all the pets that share and enrich our lives. We promise to treat every client like family and every patient like he or she were our own beloved pet.

Throop: 570-483-3315

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Memorial Veterinary Hospital | Pet Care | Dickson City, PA


I have visited Memorial Vet in Dickson City about 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years and I have always had a great experience. Dr. Hardisky has done a great job of putting my concerns at ease when I bring my cat; her Vet Techs have also always been so incredibly kind and helpful. They've handled my cat with great care and have always found a way to help make her better. The receptionist staff has also been incredibly kind and helpful, taking time to answer my questions when I call with concerns about my cat's health. I truly feel at ease when I visit and feel even better after I leave, knowing my cat is on the mend and that she is always in good hands with the team at Memorial Vet.   Thank you so much for your help!


- Kyle

Dr. Noto & the staff at Memorial Veterinary in Dickson City are top of the line when it comes to service. Dr. Noto is very compassionate & an excellent veterinarian. We have been going to him for years & always trust his judgment. Mudd & Bailey are in great hands & they say THANK YOU!


- Mary

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Robbie Noto and all the staff at Memorial Vets are the best!  I'd like to thank them for the excellent care they give my animals.  They go above and beyond, they're so compassionate.  Here are pictures of my babies, feel free to put them on your website. :)  (Lacie is the dog, Leonard is the kitty with the ear tip, Buddy is the orange one, and Ozzie & Sharon are the twins.


- Linda

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Thank you for visiting the MVH website.  We greatly appreciate all our clients and pledge to treat your pet as if he or she were our own beloved family member.  If you would like to leave a testimonial for this page, please email it to robvmd@msn.com.  If your testimonial is chosen for publication, we will only use your first name to protect your privacy.  If you would like to include any pictures of your pet, please send them along with a note giving us permission to publish your pictures.


With much appreciation,

The doctors and staff of MVH


great relief because I knew how badly he was suffering.  He always hated going to the vet even more than a normal dog because I worked out of town on a weekend program and I sometimes had to board him at the Vet.  And the Shih Tzu is very social, so he would be quite lonely for 3 days.  I will never forget this wonderful kindness Dr. Noto shared with us.  He is one of a kind, salt of the Earth."



"Dr. Noto faithfully cared for my beloved dog for 14 years.  He had an amazing life and always received the best care.  At the age of 14, Sox had some problems walking.  He always had such a proud gait, but could no longer walk straight.  I took him to see Dr. Noto and he knew immediately he had herniated a disc in his back.  He tried everything, steroids, pain medications, rest—he took Sox during the day while I was at work and I would pick him up in the evening and take him home.  This went on for a few days, then I took him home to assess what was happening.  I could see that despite our best efforts, it was over for Sox.  He fought hard but he was suffering.  I asked Dr. Noto to come to my home to put Sox to sleep.  He did not hesitate.  The next day we spent saying our goodbyes. I invited friends who had known him to come by.  Dr. Noto was coming later in the day.  I gave him a little extra morphine.  His death was very sad for me but a


"A new job opportunity as a Nurse Practitioner in another city was an exciting change for me.  One problem, the city was Charlotte North Carolina and my newest edition Cedric was not a lover of rides in the car.  I tired indoctrinating him slowly to the car with short trips but every trip was misery for him. How to get him nearly 800 miles away (12 hours in total)?  Cue Dr. Noto.  He tried numerous drugs—all failed to alleviate Ceddie’s suffering in the back seat.   Finally he tried a combination of Cerenia and Trazodone and it worked like a charm!  Ceddie made North Carolina his home quickly and adjusted beautifully.  He loves walking here, he was never a fan of snow or cold.  Thank you to Dr. Noto, I was running close to my move date but he got the magic bullet just in the nick of time!

We are forever grateful and he is forever in our hearts."


- Jeanine Albert & Ceddie