Throop Panorama

Our Throop location was founded in February of 2012 and was quickly staffed by Dr. Nicholas Leonard and Dr. Jennifer Wandell.  They operate out of the modern 3500 square-foot facility located right at the border of Dunmore and Throop off the O’Neill Highway.  You’ll walk into our large cathedral ceiling lobby with plenty of natural light and comfy chairs to make your visit more relaxing.

Throop MVH Pharmacy


You and your pets will then get an inside look at the pharmacy, laboratory and technician service area while you are escorted to one of our three exam rooms, something you will not ever see at many other hospitals.  Our pharmacy has nearly every medication you will need for a huge variety of conditions, from prescription diets, flea/tick and heartworm medications to complicated medical disorders.  In addition, our diagnositic equipment of Abaxis blood analyzers and urine testing equipment allow for quick on-site analysis while you wait.  And, like our other hospitals, our exam rooms offer different equipment and layouts depending on pet and family size so cats or chihuahuas up to a Great Dane  or pack of St. Bernards, we have what your pet needs!



The remainder of the hospital is outfitted with some of the latest technologies available for more advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures.  We are proud to offer SimonDr digital dental and digital whole-body radiography (X-rays), so in just minutes you can come  back and see your pet’s images first hand with greater clarity than traditional X-ray equipment.

We are also so happy to offer the latest in non-invasive Class IV Laser Therapy to aid in the cure of many cat, dog and exotic conditions.  This technology uses high intensity infrared energy to penetrate the skin, speed up healing, reduce pain and increase blood flow to areas in need.  Some of the most important uses of laser therapy include chronic arthritis, post-surgical healing (especially after orthopedic procedures), superficial wounds and hotspots, dental infections/stomatitis, and more.  This is one of only a handful of clinics in the northeast currently using this technology.

Stomatitis laser treatment companion laser therapy machine










We have a large surgical prep and dental area we can use for minor procedures up to full mouth dental extractions for certain conditions.  Any sterile surgical procedures are performed inside our enclosed surgical suite where spays, neuters, gastrointestinal, bladder, skin, eye, nasal surgeries and more are performed.

Throop surgeryThroop treatment and dental







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